Semantic Search- what does this mean for hoteliers?

  The world of keywords and SEO was drastically altered when Google added the Hummingbird algorithm to their search engine in the Fall of 2013 and with this new addition to their search engine formula, Google stopped basing its search results on specific keywords and instead turned its focus to Semantic... Read More

Room Service or is it Food Delivery?

Room service should be more than just food delivery, this article has reminders for full service hotels and ideas for limited service hotels; I admit I am addicted to certain cartoons, including some serial ones. As a result, I regularly turn to the cartoon pages of the daily paper. I... Read More

Hotels Should Take It Personally

According to a recent study by American Express, 85% of travelers want a personalized travel itinerary, it’s a statistic that speaks volumes and for travel brands, the message is clear: catering to the modern day traveler requires providing tailor-made experiences. And nowhere is this truer than in the hotel industry.... Read More

Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

  Putting yourself or others at risk while driving or working at an impaired level is bad enough; expecting your employees to do the same is just irresponsible. Sleep deprivation is not just an individual health hazard; it’s a public one. Consider the risk of occupational injury and driver fatigue.... Read More