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Room Service or is it Food Delivery?

Room service should be more than just food delivery, this article has reminders for full service hotels and ideas for limited service hotels;

I admit I am addicted to certain cartoons, including some serial ones. As a result, I regularly turn to the cartoon pages of the daily paper. I could not help but get an extra chuckle when I saw “The Family Circus” by Bill Keane on October 24, 1997.

I wish we could reprint it here but they wanted $150 for that, which is reasonable, but would not let us use it on the internet version of this column which is unreasonable as it would have been a nice promo for the cartoon series.

The cartoon showed the kids looking out the door of their room into the hall of their house speaking to their mother. On the hall floor by the door was a scattered assortment of dishes, glassware and utensils. The kids were saying, “We were just playin’ hotel.”

We have all stayed at that hotel, haven’t we? Getting room service…


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Cristina Madeira, ICF Certified Executive & Team Coach, EMCC Certified Senior Mentor, University Faculty