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Developing People, Skills and Behavior

Staff training


Proper training is a vital investment to optimize your hotel workforce.

There’s Nothing More Expensive than “Cheap” Managers and Staff.

Experienced managers are the heart of an efficient workforce.

Though employees are often the greatest cost, they can also be the hotel’s most valuable asset

Start your investment today.


My Training and Coaching skills:

Hotel Industry

Leadership, Sales, Rooms Management, Customer service, Conflicts Management, Time Management, Motivation.

Executive Coaching

Model , Needs Identification, Performance Standards, Planning, Empowering, Feedback, Records of Learning, NLP, Goals, Beliefs, Action, Results.

Team Coaching

Techniques, skills and specific skills that allow to read in depth the dynamics of teams, from a systemic approach.
Identifies critical aspects such as: rules not explicit; productive and unproductive behaviors; circularity of communication; roles; criteria for decision making; power and trust within the team.


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Cristina Madeira
Certified Executive and Team Coach by