Coaching e Maturidade

A idade não é requisito para ser um “bom” coach, mas a maturidade é… Um coach inspira e apoia os seus coachees a atingirem os seus objectivos, mas para isso ele próprio deve assumir uma filosofia de vida de constante motivação, melhoria contínua e liderança pelo exemplo. Mas isto chega... Read More

Executive Coaching Anatomy II

The six domains are the building blocks of the executive coaching process. What often leads a client to seek the help of an executive coach is a particular issue, or disruption, a doubt or an aspiration experienced or witnessed during the performance of their current role within the organtization.No role... Read More

Executive Coaching Anatomy I

By Halina Brunning More about this subject coming soon Cristina Madeira Certified Executive and Team Coach by

Enemies of Learning

Never say “I do not know” Ever want to clear all Judging where all Thinking that since I am who I am, I cannot learn Do not give authority to teach us Believe that having information is synonymous with know-how Fear Dependence of the new Confusing I know, with what... Read More

Why Not Coaching?

Why? Why Not? Every great leader has a Coach. What about you? Contact me in case you need to know more about the process. Cristina Madeira Certified Executive and Team Coach by