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Executive Coaching Anatomy II

The six domains are the building blocks of the executive coaching process.

What often leads a client to seek the help of an executive coach is a particular issue, or disruption, a doubt or an aspiration experienced or witnessed during the performance of their current role within the organtization.
No role is ever undertaken, either consciously or uncounciously, without deep psychological reasons for choosing it.
Addressing the role performance in isolation from the other five apsects of the client´s life would impoverish the process of coaching.
As an entry point the coach needs to negociate with the client relatively free access to relevant data and information, so as to depeen the discourse that takes place within the session.
I found that a good way to negotiate a contract with the client by making direct references to the six domains diagram.
(Halina Brunning)

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Cristina Madeira
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