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How to choose a Coach?

1. The Coach that connects – It is important to take the time to speak to a number of coaches and find the one you feel most natural and comfortable to talk to.

2. The Coach that listen – The primary skill of a life coach is the ability to listen, followed by their ability to ask good questions.

3. The Coach that has expertise – Before choosing the coach you may want to verify the credentials, qualifications and the area of specialization of the coach.

4. The Coach that knows – You can also verify whether your coach has up-to-date knowledge and adequate training in the field.

5. The Coach that is flexible – A clear idea of the time involved in such sessions and the total cost required helps you plan your budget and routine. The costs may vary from case to case and the paying ability of a client.

A good Coach is somebody who is passionate about helping others and acts like a good friend.
Creativity, open mindedness, curiosity without being nosey or trying to intrude and the ability to take right kind of information from you are some of the requisite qualities in a good Coach. These kinds of coaches will enhance your confidence and provide possible solutions for the betterment of your situation.

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Cristina Madeira
Certified Executive and Team Coach by