7 Powerful Questions

I am fresh from a mastermind retreat with established coaches and brimming with excitement and gratitude. You know how it feels to be energized by powerful conversations? The rich relationships and collaborative learning are even more valuable when we harvest the gems and use them to transform our mindsets, habits... Read More

Energy leadership is a new trend in executive coaching

Unlike the typical personality tests, energy leadership helps coach executives on how to raise their level of energy to deal more constructively with an issue versus everything being a “win/lose” or “lose/lose” outcome.   Energy Leadership was created by Bruce Schneider, Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Professional Excellence... Read More

People aren’t mind-readers, tell them how you feel!

As my coaching client walked in for our life coaching appointment, I turned my phone off so we wouldn’t be interrupted. “I get sick of those things,” he said, motioning toward the phone. “The phone?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “It seems people cannot live without them. Twenty years ago, all we had... Read More

Coaching & Responsabilidade Social

    O Coaching é um processo que persegue como objectivo prioritário o máximo desenvolvimento profissional e pessoal do coachee e, realizado de uma forma óptima e correcta, pode fazer uma profunda transformação da pessoa que o recebe. O Coaching Executivo ou Executive Coaching pode ajudar ao coachee ou director... Read More