Coaching e Responsabilidade

    O processo de coaching é um processo de assumir responsabilidade. O coach sabe que esta consideração é crucial. Enquanto o coachee considerar que as suas falhas ou problemas são consequência de factores externos o coaching não tem eficácia. Se o problema está fora, qual a necessidade de mudar?... Read More

The Power of of Metaphors

  The connection between perspective and creative thinking has to do with habituation and over-familiarization. Over-familiarization with something (an idea, a procedure, a system) is a trap. Where creative thinking is concerned, that is the irony of the skill: the more adept you are at something, the less likely you... Read More

Energy Leadership and Coaching Results

  Unlike the typical personality tests, energy leadership helps coach executives on how to raise their level of energy to deal more constructively with an issue versus everything being a “win/lose” or “lose/lose” outcome. Energy Leadership was created by Bruce Schneider, Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Professional Excellence... Read More

O Coaching não é a única resposta

  Muito se fala deste tema, como sendo uma espécie de tábua de salvação para todos os males dentro das empresas. O risco de assumir que o Coaching pode servir para tudo é muito grande. Além disso pensar que o Coaching deve ser a coluna dorsal da estratégia de desenvolvimento,... Read More

7 Powerful Questions

I am fresh from a mastermind retreat with established coaches and brimming with excitement and gratitude. You know how it feels to be energized by powerful conversations? The rich relationships and collaborative learning are even more valuable when we harvest the gems and use them to transform our mindsets, habits... Read More