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When It Come To Hospitality, ‘Little Things Mean A Lot

Of all of the slogans used by hotel companies over the years, for me the most pithy has to be the one that Sheraton used in its pre-Starwood days: ‘At Sheraton, little things mean a lot.’

When it comes to success in the hotel and lodging industry, it truly is the smallest details that make the biggest differences.

As my frequent readers know, I often write about what I call the “vanillaization” of the physical hotel experience as brands copy-cat each other in the race to add the latest, niftiest new features and amenities.

Yet one aspect of a hotel stay that remains as a true differentiator is a pro-active attention to the smallest details of guests’ stays.

While reading classical historical fiction recently, I came upon what was for me a new word:  Punctilious.  When I pressed the word on the screen of my Kindle Fire, the first definition that came up online was:  “Showing great attention to detail or correct behavior.”

Right away I knew this was the perfect word for my vision of the ideal hotel that thinks of everything.  For me, here are some of the characteristics of a truly punctilious hotel where “little things mean a lot” when it comes to increasing loyalty and fostering a positive online reputation.

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Cristina Madeira with 20 years of  experience in the Hotel Industry develops projects as Performance Trainer Executive & Team Coach Consultant