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What is Systemic Coaching?

An exceptional method that will alow you to grow  in several aspects by:
:: Developing a wider view of the phenomenological systemic approach to organizational development
:: Developing greater awareness and sensitivity to systemic issues in organizations.
:: Applying the tools of the systemic approach to organizations in one’s own professional and personal life.
:: Extend the knowledge and the competences in management and consulting
:: Develop a basic attitude for systemic consulting
:: Deepen the perception of systemic paradigm
:: To improve competences to create interventions of high quality
:: To widen the repertoire of the possible interventions
:: To enrich your own life and your professional career
:: To be more “equipped” to have access to new insights in constellations
:: To learn new structures and forms of constellations
:: To have a deeper understanding of the patterns and multi-layer themes inside organizations
:: To go home more sure of your own style and full of ideas of how to use systemic work in your professional life
:: To develop a wider vision to the systemic phenomenological approach in organizational

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Cristina Madeira
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