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Using the GROW model…



This is one of the techniques I use during my Coaching sessions.
This model basically talks about the process for problem solving or goal setting.It was developed in the UK and used extensively in the corporate coaching market in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Let me explain you a bit more about what is means:

G – This is the end point, where the client wants to be. The GOAL
R – This is how far the client is away from their goal. The REALITY
O – This talks about two items: OBSTACLES and OPTIONS. Once first are detected, we start dealing with the options towards the goal
W– Options are converted into actions. The WAY forward

It is possible to apply it to a large variety of issues in a very effective way. The good news about it: It works!
Do not hesitate to ask me more about it:

Cristina Madeira
Certified Executive and Team Coach by