Best at anything

:: You are the social person who makes useful contacts. :: You introduce important people to influential people and always reap some sort of reward as a result… :: But you don’t enjoy the spotlight as much. :: You prefer to stay in the back as there is more room... Read More

How to choose a Coach?

1. The Coach that connects – It is important to take the time to speak to a number of coaches and find the one you feel most natural and comfortable to talk to. 2. The Coach that listen – The primary skill of a life coach is the ability to... Read More

Profile of a good Coach

:: Accept the coachee as it is and always listens carefully; :: It focuses on the coachee’s intention and gives priority to action; :: It is committed to the coachee without taking away the power of decision, does not compete or try to overcome the coachee; :: In the face of... Read More

The Coaching process is

:: Involved – intensely involving their recipients who take direct responsibility for construction and / or monitoring of its own process; :: Dynamic and evolving – sustained in active methodologies active and focused on the evolution observed between different times; :: Introspective and reflective – implying a self-discovery and self-assessment... Read More