7 Golden Rules Of Learning

As our understanding of learning evolves, there are certain truisms we take for granted that a SME may not ever think about. Here is a list I created for a client to teach SMEs a few basics about instruction and learning as they design their lessons. I think these are seven golden... Read More

Coworking: A peek into the future of hospitality

The next phase of “The Smart Hotel for the Modern Traveler” involves creating a dedicated coworking space in the lobby, rentable for both guests and locals, and connected to private, on-demand meeting and event spaces. Local members and paying guests can already create a user profile with both professional and personal... Read More

Conferência: Certificação em Formação & Coaching

É muito gratificante fazer parte de grupos que mobilizam outros tantos grupos para um trabalho mais profissional e com mais valor para a as empresas. Dia 11 de julho de 2014 – Conferência sobre Certificação em Formação & Coaching no Citeforma| Parceria APG Cristina Madeira is a Certified Executive  and Team... Read More