Room Service or is it Food Delivery?

Room service should be more than just food delivery, this article has reminders for full service hotels and ideas for limited service hotels; I admit I am addicted to certain cartoons, including some serial ones. As a result, I regularly turn to the cartoon pages of the daily paper. I... Read More

Hotels Should Take It Personally

According to a recent study by American Express, 85% of travelers want a personalized travel itinerary, it’s a statistic that speaks volumes and for travel brands, the message is clear: catering to the modern day traveler requires providing tailor-made experiences. And nowhere is this truer than in the hotel industry.... Read More

Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

  Putting yourself or others at risk while driving or working at an impaired level is bad enough; expecting your employees to do the same is just irresponsible. Sleep deprivation is not just an individual health hazard; it’s a public one. Consider the risk of occupational injury and driver fatigue.... Read More

A fila para a casa de banho

Sabe qual é o melhor exemplo do fracasso? A fila para a casa de banho   Achamos que sabemos como é o fracasso. Os produtos não são comprados. As reorganizações fazem que a situação piore. Os carregamentos não são entregues. Os discursos não são aplaudidos. As coisas explodem.  Estas são... Read More