Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

  Putting yourself or others at risk while driving or working at an impaired level is bad enough; expecting your employees to do the same is just irresponsible. Sleep deprivation is not just an individual health hazard; it’s a public one. Consider the risk of occupational injury and driver fatigue.... Read More

A fila para a casa de banho

Sabe qual é o melhor exemplo do fracasso? A fila para a casa de banho   Achamos que sabemos como é o fracasso. Os produtos não são comprados. As reorganizações fazem que a situação piore. Os carregamentos não são entregues. Os discursos não são aplaudidos. As coisas explodem.  Estas são... Read More

When It Come To Hospitality, ‘Little Things Mean A Lot

Of all of the slogans used by hotel companies over the years, for me the most pithy has to be the one that Sheraton used in its pre-Starwood days: ‘At Sheraton, little things mean a lot.’ When it comes to success in the hotel and lodging industry, it truly is... Read More

Staff turnover in your kitchen

  Finding the right people to work in your kitchen can be a lengthy process; the right skill set, the right attitude and the right timing all need to come together. While an effective recruitment process requires dedication, luck can also be a factor. The one constant of the ever-changing... Read More