Coaching is not teaching at all

“We need the capacity to take a whole-system approach that is the product of personal development, of moving from the old fear paradigm to one of trust and recognise that humankind is evolving both socially and spiritually. Individuals can evolve far faster than the collective if they decide to embark... Read More

Leadership is about being brave and ignorant

The leader does not assume the purpose of his mission if people are not important to him. Most likely YOU are a leader and have read thousands of articles about this same subject. But if so, why do you keep this interest? What type of communication are you using on a daily basis? What... Read More

Hotelaria precisa de liderança e coaching

“Todos os indícios apontam para que 2015 seja o melhor ano turístico de sempre, ” destronando 2014. O turismo em Portugal está a crescer muito mais (12,3%) que a média na Europa, assumindo-se como um dos principais potenciadores da economia.  Fonte:OMT Cada fase de crescimento é propicia a uma cegueira de problemas... Read More

Coaching e Responsabilidade

    O processo de coaching é um processo de assumir responsabilidade. O coach sabe que esta consideração é crucial. Enquanto o coachee considerar que as suas falhas ou problemas são consequência de factores externos o coaching não tem eficácia. Se o problema está fora, qual a necessidade de mudar?... Read More

Business Coaching can make successful Hotel Leaders

                Those are some of the great benefits for you and your organization: Greater effectiveness at work – Coachee feels more effective and produces better results. Healthy happy worker. Neither under-estimating nor over-estimating what is possible in their role. Meeting client´s personal and business... Read More