Business Coaching can make successful Hotel Leaders

                Those are some of the great benefits for you and your organization: Greater effectiveness at work – Coachee feels more effective and produces better results. Healthy happy worker. Neither under-estimating nor over-estimating what is possible in their role. Meeting client´s personal and business... Read More

The best checklist for beginners

In case you are just now starting your Coaching walk as a Coach: Before the initial session, have a conversation with the client. Explain what to expect, what to bring, how much time it will take, and anything else that would allow the client to get prepared and look forward to... Read More

7 Powerful Questions

I am fresh from a mastermind retreat with established coaches and brimming with excitement and gratitude. You know how it feels to be energized by powerful conversations? The rich relationships and collaborative learning are even more valuable when we harvest the gems and use them to transform our mindsets, habits... Read More

Business Coaching – Benefits for the Individual and the Company

Business Coaching is the practice of providing positive support and positive feedback to my clients in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business. Coaching is an excellent way to attain a certain work behavior that will improve leadership, employee accountability, teamwork,... Read More

Explore Career Options with your Coach

    The tight job market and the shrinking of some industries has caused many professionals to reconsider their career paths. Some go back to school for training, others are starting at the bottom in a new field. Using a life or career coach can help during the exploration process... Read More