Taking notes & a legal point of view

…I think it’s worth mentioning a couple of points. This comes into play more where talking therapies are regulated by the govern, which one day coaching may follow. :: Cabinet files must be kept away from windows in case a burglar can reach in and take patient notes. :: Notes... Read More

Benefits of taking notes during sessions

These are a few benefits that I managed to receive from Coaches that adopt this practice. I am glad to share them with you! Allows being more alert Email notes to the clients and ask them to note any discrepancy The client feels important Capture key themes and actions the clients agree too Organize and... Read More

Coaching for Teachers

10 Golden Rules 1. Problems vs. Solutions – Search turning problems into solutions, or at least opportunities. 2. Quality vs. Acceptance – It is preferable to have one solution good enough to support the students than a great idea that all detest. 3. Criticizes vs. Creativity – Reverse the direction... Read More

Coaching for Teachers

10 golden rules* CM | * Five more golden rules coming soon Cristina Madeira Certified Executive and Team Coach by

Benefits of Coaching in Business

Benefits for the Organisation :: Improve productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value :: Can gain increased employee commitment and satisfaction, which can lead to improved retention ::  Demonstrate to employees that an organisation is committed to developing its staff and helping them improve their skills ::  Support employees who’ve been... Read More