Supervisão em Coaching – I

A supervisão é uma grande oportunidade que um Coach tem para receber apoio práctico, dinâmico e orientado. Que dimensões podem ser escolhidas em Supervisão? Existem várias: 1. As intervenções do Coach – O foco está nas perguntas, no parafrasear e na percepção do resultado destas mesmas intervenções. 2. Relação Coach... Read More

Coaching for Teachers

10 Golden Rules 1. Problems vs. Solutions – Search turning problems into solutions, or at least opportunities. 2. Quality vs. Acceptance – It is preferable to have one solution good enough to support the students than a great idea that all detest. 3. Criticizes vs. Creativity – Reverse the direction... Read More

Stages of acceptance of Coaching

Be alert! DENIALI do not need coaching, I can solve my own problems.Stage maximum of isolation.Pride prevents a person to admit that he needs others. IRATolerates but grudgingly. Projected needs in the other:“Since you want, is you that need me” TRADINGI discuss the conditions, rules. I think the Coach wants... Read More

What is Ontological Coaching ?

Ontology (in a non-metaphysical sense) is the study of being. Our ‘way of being’ seen as a combination of our observations and perceptions interpreted through language, moodand bodily action. It influences what we believe it is possible for us to be as human beings. Ontological Coaching therefore, gets to the... Read More

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a future-focused process with the aim of helping my clients determine and achieve personal goals. I use multiple methods that  help my clients with the process of setting and reaching goals. Five benefits out of the endless list: 1. You will set far better goals; 2. Accomplish goals,... Read More