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Staff turnover in your kitchen


Finding the right people to work in your kitchen can be a lengthy process; the right skill set, the right attitude and the right timing all need to come together. While an effective recruitment process requires dedication, luck can also be a factor. The one constant of the ever-changing hospitality landscape is the fact that labour costs will always be one of the largest single expenses hospitality managers will ever have to contend with. Given how expensive it is to employ people, it is very important that not only do you choose the right people for the job but that you also keep them there. Good employees are golden. Given how time consuming and costly recruitment can be, it is just as important to put as much effort into employee retention, especially in our industry where turnover tends to be high. Fonte: Hospitality Magazine

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Cristina Madeira with 20 years of  experience in the Hotel Industry develops projects as Performance Trainer Executive & Team Coach Consultant