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Leadership is about being brave and ignorant


The leader does not assume the purpose of his mission if people are not important to him.

Most likely YOU are a leader and have read thousands of articles about this same subject. But if so, why do you keep this interest? What type of communication are you using on a daily basis? What type of relations are you building? How much longer will you wait to acquire new habits?
Hope this helps again, somehow to make you rethink.

Would you like to work with a leader like YOU?

One of the most overlooked abilities of managers is their skill to communicate/ to ask questions. They are irreplaceable tools that enable you to learn and go beyond!

Understand the people who matter to you …

so YOU can BE what matters to them.


When communicating/ asking:

  • Show interest
  • Listen with care
  • Give some extra seconds after your employee finishes.
  • Remain attentive with tour eyes and with your body
  • Look supportive in every moment
  • Use the fewest and simple words
  • Follow up the answer
  • Dig below the surface and continue asking

“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” Peter Drucker

Cristina Madeira is a Certified and Team Coach by

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